Handspun Camel


Yesterday I went to Spitalfields Market and wandered around for a while. There were many interesting things to spend one’s money on but look what I discovered! To my surprise I found a booth selling yarn. What really caught my eye was this handspun camel. There was also a handspun cashmere in a beautiful black/white marl. I thought the camel would be a luxurious without breaking my budget too much. I’ve had the pleasure of working with pure cashmere but never with camel. Now I just have to decide what this little beauty will become.


WIP Friday #45 (Contains Spoilers for the Follow Your Arrow MKAL)

This week my progress on my sock has slowed down but I’ve made it past the gusset and onto the foot.


I ended up going with option A on the third clue on my Follow Your Arrow. That brings my sequence of options to AAA.

Knitting Bags

I don’t normally use specific knitting bags. I don’t carry a large handbag or many pens so I feel comfortable with throwing my projects in my bag when I go out. When I can’t fit my project in my handbag I put it in a cancas carrier bag from my yarn store. But I saw these on Not on the High Street today and I love them.

This seller has a few of them and all are that are hilarious.


I am beginning to rethink my decision to go without project bags. I would get great enjoyment out a few of these.


WIP Friday #44 (Contains Spoilers for Follow Your Arrow MKAL)

I’m making progress on my pain simple sock.


I’m working from the outside of my ball of Crazy Zauberball and it periodically falls apart on me. The balls are beautifully wound with thick sections going in different directions but these thick sections have a tendency to fall off the ball in a heap and tangle. I’ve found that I’m most likely to encounter this problem with I’m knitting on public transit. Not only do I provide entertainment by knitting but I also untangle huge knots in my yarn! Despite all that I’m surprised how quickly this is knitting up. I’m already finished the heel flap. I was expecting this sock to last a bit longer. When this sock is finished I want to start another but I don’t have the yarn yet. I’m hoping acquire a ball of Opal Tiger colourway. I have a feeling this might turn into a year of socks.

I will admit that I started and finished the second clue on my Follow Your Arrow shawl as soon as it arrived. I initially wanted to go with b which is just as asymmetrical as the first clue. The majority of the clue uses garter short rows in the contrast colour. I knit halfway through the clue and then I found the weight of the shawl was too dark from all the gray. So I ripped back and started the lace of option a.


I’m starting to get bit by the “make a second one” bug. I think I will wait until a few more clues come out to decide if I will make a second.

Weaving in ends as you go

I abhor weaving in ends. I will go to great lengths to avoid having to weave ends in. It is so tedious especially in stripes where you have to break your yarn after each colour change. Most of the time I just a spit join but that doesn’t work when  you need a sharp transition between to colours.  My most recent project with this problem is the Follow Your Arrow MKAL. I’ve heard mumurs of a technique that allows you to weave in ends as you go with colour changes but I’d never figured out how. I was extremely happy when I found this video. Another tool in a arsenal to avoid weaving in ends!


In praise of simple knitting

So many of my projects recently have been complicated. Everything has required at least some amount of thought. It’s also been a while since I made a pair of socks. Last night I decided to start something easy, stockinette socks. I have a ball of Crazy Zauberball in variations on black, white, and gray. A good inexpensive German sock yarn that will wear like iron. These needles a five year old pair of Addi Turbos and happen to be the first needles I ever knit socks on. Since then the cable warped into magic loop formation and the finish on the tips has worn off. I used to make more projects like this. It’s time for some simple mindless knitting again. I don’t feel any pressure to finish these any time soon. I can just let them be there for when everything else is too much. Life is complicated enough.