After spending this weekend sleeping, I finally feel human again. I am slowly unpacking and attempting to slip back into a normal routine. Three weeks away is a long time and I find myself feeling out of place in my own home. When I arrived in Ohio everything seemed strange but then I quickly adjusted to the lifestyle I was raised with. Now I’m going back to the lifestyle I choose to live and it’s strange. I’m in a city instead of rural suburbia with chickens and a huge garden. I can travel from one store to another without driving. Everything is familiar here but at the same time it feels like I’m seeing for the first time. I’m assuming this feeling will pass with the jet lag.

On the knitting front I’m reacquainting myself with all of the yarn and projects I have. I am very tempted to just ignore my current WIP’s for the yarn I purchased on my trip. But I am staying strong and getting some work done on my In-flight Entertainment. I’m hoping it’ll be done by the end of the week. The main problem with that plan is working in all the ends from the stripes. That is never fun. I’m having some camera difficulties so hopefully I can get those sorted and put photos up by the end of the week.


My first week away

Before I say anything else I need to thank iknead2knit, monsteryarns, and From the Purl Side for nominating me for the WordPress Family award and knitxpressions for nominating me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award! I promise I will respond more fully when I’m back in London!

I’m enjoying my visit with family. The sun in shines so much more here and I’ve already gotten a sun burn. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my parents and my brothers. I still haven’t seen one of my brothers he’s flying in from the south today so I get so see him in a few hours. My brother and I haven’t been in the same place at the same time in three years!

I’ve been doing some knitting but not as much as I planned on doing as usual. This is the progress I’ve made.

I’m getting a bit nervous about running out of the variegated yarn but it’s stripes are getting smaller and smaller so I’m probably just paranoid. I should just knit a bit faster to see if that makes the yarn last longer :p

Yarn Diet

I am half-way through a two month yarn diet. The last thing I bought was BFL Sock from The Knitting Swede, except for some extra yarn I needed to finish my silk shawl. The first month was relatively easy. I had plenty of projects to tide me over. I could play with my new yarn, old yarn, and projects and be more than happy for two months. I would finish off some WIP’s and start the sweater that I first talked about doing quite a while ago.

So far I have finished off some WIP’s but I’m getting bored with what I have to work with. I know this could be solved by finally starting my purple and green sweater or fixing the hole on my Princess Shawl and digging back into that behemoth. I torture myself every week by going to Knit Night at a LYS. There are so many pretty yarns there I want to play with. New things. Fun things. I don’t want to work with what I have.

I will NOT give in. Instead I will thing of new projects I can make with what I already have.

1. I can make a necklace with the left over silk from my shawl.

2. I can finally start the sweater.

3. I can try to spin again and make more new yarn for me to play with. (I already have the drop spindle and the tops, just limited patience with my inexperience)

I have enough. I can still be creative with the yarn and projects I already have. If I decided to I could probably go for an additional month on the yarn diet. But I won’t I’m not crazy. I need to start planning my next yarn purchase when this diet is over. I think it has to be the some more of BC Garn’s Jaipur Silk Fino. Or maybe some Skein Silky Merino Sport? Whatever I get next it will be enough for a large project to reward my self control.

WIP Friday

This week I’ve been working on my silk Monotrysia shawl and my fingerless gloves. Even though I said that the next sunny day I would patch the hole in my Princess Shawl, I haven’t worked up the nerve. Maybe next week.

Monotrysia Shawl


I’m about to start the edging! The last section dragged on for ages but with the edging patterning progress should pick up. Or at least seem to. I’m worried about having enough yarn. At this point in a project I’m always worried about having enough yarn. Worst case scenario I go get more silk. I can imagine worse fates.

Fingerless Gloves


I had difficulties with getting a non-blurry photo. Either my camera hand or my modeling hand was moving. I’m really enjoying working with this yarn. It softens when knit and has the beautiful luster of blue faced leicester. I can’t wait to finish these, they will get a lot of wear.

The Knitting Swede

I’m really excited to have some new yarn. It’s The Knitting Swede’s BFL Sock in A Good Day to Dye.


My friend over at has started dying yarn and I was able to get one of her first colourways! She has two bases, Totally BFL and BFL Sock. The Totally BFL is composed of 100% superwash bluefaced leicester while the BFL Sock is composed of 75% superwash bluefaced leicester and 25% nylon.  Both are fingering or 4 ply yarns. With 425m per 100g, you expect the yarn to be a bit on the thinner side of fingeringweight. I found it comparable to Regia 4 ply in thickness so it’s not overly thin.

The purple blue yarn is the BFL Sock and the white yarn is Regia

The top yarn is the BFL Sock and the bottom yarn is Regia

I started a pair of fingerless gloves in this yarn. I’m working on it when the silk shawl gets too much for my hands. I’ve found it a relaxing yarn to work with. It feels durable without being harsh. The fingerless gloves should wear well. I really like the way it looks knit up into an almost semi-solid.


I’m really liking this yarn and I can’t wait to see what colourways The Knitting Swede comes up with next!

WIP Friday

I have finished the Husband Scarf. I started the smaller Monotrysia Shawl with the silk yarn. It is beautiful.



This photo doesn’t fully show off the yarn. The silk just throws light around all the textured stitches. I haven’t worked with silk in a while because its hard on my hands, but this is worth it. I probably should break it up with some wool yarn to keep my hands from protesting too loudly. With the weather starting to warm up I’m tempted to get enough silk to make a top. But first I have to knit with what I have and finish a few things up.

The next time I have a sunny day to myself I’ll start to work repairing my Princess Shawl. In the mean time its chilling out in the freezer just in case. After I get it fixed I’m going to start working a few rows a day on it so I get some forward momentum.


Princess Shawl

Last year I started this:

the princess shawl

 The shawl is knit in segments. You start off knitting an edging and then picking stitches up from the edging to make the border. After the border is completed you start in the middle of the edging and start to make a triangular body section. To finish off, the edging is resumed and knit all the way around the border and body. I got part way through the border section before the project went into hibernation.

Recently it’s been nagging at me. Guilting me for ignoring it so long. So I took it out and looked at it.


The intricate edging and border

The body pattern

The body repeat

I had forgotten how fine it is. The yarn could be classed as thread and the needles are 1.5mm (US 000). I was amazed at my own work.

Then I saw the hole.


 Such a small thing and so devastating.  I made a few brief attempts to fix it but I think I just made it worse. My flat has horrible light so I couldn’t really see what was happening. I roughly secured the edges of the hole with contrasting thread and unpinned it. When I stop crying and the light’s better I’ll have another look and try to fix it. Right now I need a drink.