WIP Friday #46

This week I still cannot get my days straight. I woke up this morning convinced it was Saturday wondering why in the world others were getting ready for work. At least it is Saturday tomorrow.

Knittingwise, I’m still on a end weaving in strike. I’m procrastinating weaving in the ends on my Follow Your Arrow. I have however started some colourwork using some of the Celtic designs from the Dover book. I’m making them with Shilasdair Luxury 4 ply. This yarn is truly luxurious. It’s 10% cashmere, 10% camel, 40% angora, and 40% merino. The yarn is soft and fluffy. Perfect for mittens to keep the cold out.

On my background sock project, the first is complete. I managed to cast on the second sock so that one is in progress.






WIP Friday #46

Happy Valentine’s Day! No matter what you think of the holiday I hope you have chocolate or plans to acquire chocolate later today.

I am now at the point where I have tons of ends to weave in. I’ve finished my Follow Your Arrow shawl. I just have to weave the last of the ends in and block. I know I should just grit my teeth and weave the last 5 ends in but I think I am going to let myself procrastinate for a bit. Recently I’ve been very good about weaving in ends immediately after finishing a project so I can afford to give myself a bit of slack. I am planning on getting some nice pictures after blocking. I’m not showing it now so it’ll be a big reveal when it’s all done.

I also powered through the cowl I was thinking of making on Wednesday. I still need to weave the ends in on this too. I decided I liked how the seaweed stitch looked so I ran with it. Sixty-six stitches on 5.5mm needles goes fast.

camel cowl


Even though the ends aren’t woven in I’ve worn this cowl around the house. I’m not sure that cowl is the proper name for this; it’s more of a soft, light, neck furnace. It weighs next to nothing but I swear it generates heat on its own. Perfect for a day like today when the rain is pounding and the wind is blowing.

WIP Friday #44 (Contains Spoilers for Follow Your Arrow MKAL)

I’m making progress on my pain simple sock.


I’m working from the outside of my ball of Crazy Zauberball and it periodically falls apart on me. The balls are beautifully wound with thick sections going in different directions but these thick sections have a tendency to fall off the ball in a heap and tangle. I’ve found that I’m most likely to encounter this problem with I’m knitting on public transit. Not only do I provide entertainment by knitting but I also untangle huge knots in my yarn! Despite all that I’m surprised how quickly this is knitting up. I’m already finished the heel flap. I was expecting this sock to last a bit longer. When this sock is finished I want to start another but I don’t have the yarn yet. I’m hoping acquire a ball of Opal Tiger colourway. I have a feeling this might turn into a year of socks.

I will admit that I started and finished the second clue on my Follow Your Arrow shawl as soon as it arrived. I initially wanted to go with b which is just as asymmetrical as the first clue. The majority of the clue uses garter short rows in the contrast colour. I knit halfway through the clue and then I found the weight of the shawl was too dark from all the gray. So I ripped back and started the lace of option a.


I’m starting to get bit by the “make a second one” bug. I think I will wait until a few more clues come out to decide if I will make a second.

WIP Friday #43 (Contains Spoilers for Follow Your Arrow MKAL)

Last Friday I thought I’d make a pair of mitts out of some of Brooklyn Tweed Loft. I’m sorry to say that it didn’t work. The yarn is just to fluffy to work at the gauge I wanted. So I made them out of some Colinette Jitterbug I’ve had in my stash for a very long time.

I’m glad to get this yarn knit up. It’s almost been a few things but none of them have worked. I really didn’t want to make the second of these mitts but I forced myself to finish them. It was especially difficult given that I really wanted to work on my Follow Your Arrow shawl. I chose option A for the first clue.

I like that this makes the shawl less symmetrical. All of the shawls I own are symmetrical and it will be good to have something different. Even if the beginning of it does look like a fish fillet. Now I have to wait until Monday for the next clue. I can barely wait!


WIP Friday #42

This week I finished my Slice of Camelot cardigan! If you want to see the slight modifications I made to the pattern check out my Ravelry project page.

I had a marvelous time finding the buttons. I ended up at Taylors Buttons, a magical place. The shop itself is contained in a tiny room lined in buttons of all kinds. The proprietress helped me find the perfect buttons, not too light not too dark, made of antler. I love the shading on them.

sliceofcamelot buttonYou can really see how the button was made from something natural. I like that the entire cardigan is made from natural materials. I must admit that I haven’t bothered to block the cardigan yet. I wanted to put it on as soon as I could. I really should do that today. While I block my cardigan I’ve started another pair of mitts. I decided that I should make a pair of mitts like the ones I made my dad for me.

mitts1I’m using some of my Christmas yarn for this project, the Brooklyn Tweed Loft. I’ve never worked with this yarn before so I’m excited to see how it knits up.




WIP Friday #41

I’m nearly finished with the Slice of Camelot cardigan. I’m about halfway done with the second sleeve.

Next week I’m planning on visiting some specialty button stores on a proper button hunt. I don’t make too many cardigans so I’ve never properly explored London’s button stores. I think this will be great fun.