My Second Week Away

This week has been the week of doing exciting things and acquiring yarn.

Last Saturday I went to Sauder Village when they were having a fiber expo and I got to try out a spinning wheel for the first time. I am purchasing a spinning wheel at the first opportunity! It was so much easier than using a drop spindle. The people who let me try their wheel were Spruce Hill Fiber Farm. The spinning wheel that I got along well with was their Echo spinning wheel. If shipping weren’t so much to take it back to the UK I’d have been extremely tempted to get it right there. When I went around  I forgot a camera so there are no pictures, but it was so much fun. Later I wondered around to some of the other venders and I found 7oz (200g) of handspun Cormo/Mohair/Alpaca yarn.


It’s wonderfully squishy and soft. I have to figure out what it will be but I’m sure it will be beautiful.

Then two days ago I went to the local yarn store here, Yarn Cravin’. They stock so many wonderful yarns that I don’t get to see that often in London. I had a very hard time choosing the yarn to take home with me. They stock a large selection of Brown Sheep Yarns that I hadn’t seen in person. After much debate I decided to make sure everything would fit in my luggage and went with a laceweight yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace.


I purchased enough of this yarn that I can either make a top of some variety or a large shawl.

Yesterday I went fishing and had a wonderful time. My parents took and my husband and I troll fishing on Lake Erie with Captain Dave. I never realized how physical of a sport fishing could be. Between waking up before dawn, the direct sunshine, and the hard work of reeling in the walleye, or other undesired fish, I was exhausted at the end of the day.  Today my arms are complaining but I hope I will be able to enjoy eating some fish!

With everything going on my knitting progress has slowed to a standstill. I have barely touched it in the past week. I think my Inflight Entertainment will provide entertainment for both my inbound and outbound flights. I guess I didn’t need to pack extra projects to work on after all. 😛


Attempts at Spinning

On Monday I mentioned that I might try to spin some fiber to make more yarn. Last autumn I went to a craft fair and got a drop spindle and 250g of brown undyed Wensleydale tops. I promptly spun some singles while swearing and trying to keep the drop spindle from dropping. After getting frustrated I’ve let the singles sit for a while but I finally plyed some of them to make something that resembles yarn! Now I just have to spin the rest of the tops into singles and ply all of them. That might take a while.