I really want to start a new sweater. Sweaters are my favorite type of projects. I like to knit them in the round so I work on the body for a while then set them down, start a small project and then come back to a sleeve. They take long enough to really sink your teeth into. I’m on a yarn diet though and pouring through all the sweater patterns on Ravelry just seems cruel. So I thought instead I would share some of the pullovers I’ve made in the past.

This is one of my favorites I made it when I found out I was moving to London. I made it from free pattern from Drops that I modified to have long sleeves. I knit it in Knitpicks Stroll in Fedora (brown), Dusk (blue), and Peapod (green). The sweater is about two years old and it barely shows it. It’s one that I look forward to putting on each winter. In fact I am wearing it now.

I finished this Leyfi when I was staying in a tent in Yellowstone National Park on my Honeymoon. As you can imagine I have some strong memories attached to it. It’s knit with New Lanark’s Donegal Silk Tweed Aran. I love the lace on the neckline.

This sweater is another modification of a Drops pattern. I changed it from a cardigan to a pull over. I wanted it to have some negative ease. Negative ease and cardigans don’t play well together. I knit it in Blue Sky Alpaca’s Alpaca Silk. With the drapey yarn and the shaping between the lace panels, this sweater is the most flattering sweater I own. I can look nice and be warm. I love the way it looks with my pencil skirt! 

Finally I have the warmest of all, my Green Stripey Alpaca Sweater. It’s a simple top down raglan. I neither followed a pattern nor took decent notes. I used Artesano Alpaca 4 ply which is 100% alpaca. When it’s really really cold out this sweater is perfect. The rest of the time I have to be careful not to wear it and my heaviest coat so I don’t suffer heat exhaustion.

You see I don’t need to make another sweater. I will not freeze if I don’t. I can wait until the end of the month to start another.


Rocio Cardigan



Here are some photos of me wearing my completed Rocio Cardigan! It took me long enough to get these posted. It’s really comfortable to wear and a nice weight, perfect for layering. I absolutely love the back.


I’m not thrilled with how the front sits. The cardigan would fit better with short rows lowering the garter band so it doesn’t ride up. That is a lesson to take with me on my next project, I need to allow more room in the bust than I expect. I thought I could get away with less short row shaping with more stitches in the front than called for. I’m always trying to find new ways to make my sweaters fit better making this a very valuable lesson. Overall, I loved working on this project and I really do like wearing the cardigan. I learned a great deal from this project between the button holes and how to better adjust fit. 

Finished Morticia!



Look at what’s finished! Booknit’s Morticia In Dyeforyarn’s Tussah Silk Chocolate Cosmos Ceasing to be with clear cooperlined beads and matte amber silverlined beads. The MKAL finished yesterday. I worked the pattern with no modifications.


That bind off took forever to complete. I don’t know if I made the dangly bits completely correct but I like it. Once I’d started them I wasn’t about to rip back and redo. I just wanted it off the needles!

This photo really shows off the beads. I think the beads are my favorite part of this shawl. They lift it and add so much interest. As you can tell from the shawl being longer than the park bench this beast is huge. I am taller than average and this sucker will hit me at mid-calf when I have it draped around my neck once. If I were to make another I would cut one repeat out of the first chart. We were warned that this would be big but I didn’t fully believe them. I have enjoyed participating in a MKAL; it’s something I can see myself doing again.



Finished Cowl

Bulky yarn knits up so fast! I started this on Thursday night.


It’s already done! I think the longest part of this project was waiting for the yarn to dry after blocking. That did take longer than I’m used to. I think it will fit perfectly under my coats. Most of my coats have a v-neck so this will be nice on a chilly day. The cowl is so soft and warm. I’m going to see if I have enough left to make the body of the hat I was admiring, Capucine

Dad’s Hat is Finished!

I had a productive weekend and look what I did!


It’s hard to take photos of a hat on your head but at least you can see the stitch pattern.

A bit blurry again but you can see the crown decreases.

I think this hat will be perfect. My instructions for this hat were to make it snug with a rolled brim that cover the ears when doubled.  The hat is both of those things and sinfully soft as well. I don’t remember seeing my dad with any hair on his head so sinfully soft is a requirement for any hat I make him. I loved the yarn I used for this project. It’s Posh Yarn‘s Martha Sock and I really enjoyed working with it.

Long Weekend

This weekend was a long weekend for me. The first two days were spent sleeping in and being lazy but today my husband and I went to the British Museum. We had a great time. It’s far from my first time in the museum but I still was able to visit a new section, the ancient Egyptian area. There were rooms full of mummies and their sarcophagi. If you ever visit London this museum is one of the things you should not miss. While I was there my husband was finally able to take a photo of my silk top.