I spent all yesterday convinced it was Thursday. It was not. But since I missed my post yesterday here is a video I found of David Attenborough narrating curling. Now if more sporting events were narrated like this I might watch the olympics.



It’s Monday. I have a new clue on my Follow Your Arrow and a cup of tea. So while I am working on the new clue here’s a video of some guilty dogs.

I wish I had some snow

I just got off the phone with my parents and they got hit by the huge snowstorm pounding North America right now. I’ve lived through heavy snow fall and I know how not fun it can be but it’s been years since I’ve been somewhere with a snowy winter. So to tide me over here are some cats and dogs doing what I want to in the snow.

Winter is comming!

This weekend it’s been getting cold and rainy. The summer was warm and sunny but that season has definitely ended. It’s time to take out the sweaters and put on warm socks. Normally I love this weather. I can work on large projects without overheating. But today I just want it to be a bit nicer. Since I can’t make it nicer I’ve been watching this frog. I’m sure it’s warm and sunny where he lives.

A Case of the Mondays

This weekend was significantly too short for me. I’m tired and grumpy today because it should still be Sunday. Additionally, the weather has changed and its now not warm and rainy. So here are two things I’m using to help get myself into a better mood.

The yarn is Posh Yarns Martha Sock in the colourway I Used Yo Like You, But Now I’m Not So Sure. The base consists of 80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon. Squishing this yarn definitely helps me cheer up. I think I will allow myself to start a project with it today. It’s earmarked for a hat for my dad. He loves reds and this is a nice dark manly red.

And then I watch this video:

Who can be grumpy after watching that? I think I’m going to go ball my yarn now.