WordPress Family Award

I have been absolutely horrible about responding to nominations for awards. This week I have decided that I will not let that be the case any longer. For the next three Mondays I will respond to my award nominations starting with the most recent and numerous, The WordPress Family Award. I was nominated by three people: From the Purlside, iknead2knit, and monsteryarns. I am honoured by the nominations. I’ve only been blogging for a bit over 6 months and the fact that so many people thought of me for this award astonishes me. 

The rules of this award are simple: link to the person who nominated you, display the award icon if desired, and most importantly pass it on to 10 additional bloggers and let them know they are nominated. These are the people I would like to nominate in no particular order.


Peacefully Knitting

All Knight Knits

Introverted Knitter

All She Wants to do is Knit

Pans and Needles

Kate Davies Designs

Neoteric Wool

Knit the Hell Out


These are all blogs that I read and enjoy on a regular basis and I hope you will too.