WIP Friday #36

At this point last week I was almost to the half way point on my knit on edging. I kept on working until I was only 10 lace repeats away from finishing it all off. Then I looked at the amount of yarn I had left and realized it wasn’t enough. So yet again I ripped this shawl back. To get the stitch counts to work out slightly smaller I ripped back 32 rows into the body of the shawl and re-knit 16 of them. I’m now back to the second half of the border. I really, desperately, hope I finish this shawl this weekend. I don’t think I can take ripping it back again.



Breaking my yarn diet



I have gone almost a month without buying any yarn. I am really looking forward to working on something brand new with brand new yarn. Luckily I will be attending this:
I will be able to see some beautiful yarns in person that I don’t normally. I much prefer buying yarns in person than off the internet. That evening I’ll be looking for something for a one or two skein project. I think Pom Pom’s on to something with an event with drinking, live music, and yarn. It should be a really good night!


Hand-dyed Beekeeper’s Quilt Challenge

Courtesy of Lionessknits

Image courtesy of Lionessknits

Have you seen the Hand-dyed Beekeeper’s Quilt Challenge on Ravelry? Dani (LionessKnits on Ravelry) of Lioness Arts is organizing a fundraiser for the Great Ormand Street Hospital and Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders for the anglophones). All of this is done to celebrate a little girl named Tara who survived a brain tumor.  Her dad wrote about her story on his websiteContinue reading


I really want to start a new sweater. Sweaters are my favorite type of projects. I like to knit them in the round so I work on the body for a while then set them down, start a small project and then come back to a sleeve. They take long enough to really sink your teeth into. I’m on a yarn diet though and pouring through all the sweater patterns on Ravelry just seems cruel. So I thought instead I would share some of the pullovers I’ve made in the past.

This is one of my favorites I made it when I found out I was moving to London. I made it from free pattern from Drops that I modified to have long sleeves. I knit it in Knitpicks Stroll in Fedora (brown), Dusk (blue), and Peapod (green). The sweater is about two years old and it barely shows it. It’s one that I look forward to putting on each winter. In fact I am wearing it now.

I finished this Leyfi when I was staying in a tent in Yellowstone National Park on my Honeymoon. As you can imagine I have some strong memories attached to it. It’s knit with New Lanark’s Donegal Silk Tweed Aran. I love the lace on the neckline.

This sweater is another modification of a Drops pattern. I changed it from a cardigan to a pull over. I wanted it to have some negative ease. Negative ease and cardigans don’t play well together. I knit it in Blue Sky Alpaca’s Alpaca Silk. With the drapey yarn and the shaping between the lace panels, this sweater is the most flattering sweater I own. I can look nice and be warm. I love the way it looks with my pencil skirt! 

Finally I have the warmest of all, my Green Stripey Alpaca Sweater. It’s a simple top down raglan. I neither followed a pattern nor took decent notes. I used Artesano Alpaca 4 ply which is 100% alpaca. When it’s really really cold out this sweater is perfect. The rest of the time I have to be careful not to wear it and my heaviest coat so I don’t suffer heat exhaustion.

You see I don’t need to make another sweater. I will not freeze if I don’t. I can wait until the end of the month to start another.

Knitting Frustration

Last week I got so frustrated with my knitting that I had to step back before I ripped it all back. I decided on the lower border of my What does the fox say? shawl and then changed my mind at least twice. I ripped back and re-knit the same section until the yarn started to cry mercy. So I tried to start a small project, a pair of fingerless mitts to calm down and gain perspective. That didn’t work. I ended up needing to rip back the mitts and restart them. At this point, I was wondering what temperature it would take to make the yarn properly burn instead of smolder.

So from Friday through to Sunday I didn’t touch one bit of knitting.  I played computer games and went for a long walk. I didn’t even think about how it was going to all work. Today I finally made up my mind. An idea that was different from anything I had considered before suddenly made the most sense. Now I just have to finish ripping back rows and rows of lace. If this doesn’t work then I just give up. Oh well, this is why people spend money on patterns right?


I have a thing for blankets. In the past I’ve made myself a wonderful wool blanket. It had double sided cables and was beautiful. It felted slightly in the wash and my cat loved to sleep on it. I now am married to someone who is allergic to cats. The blanket is now in storage an ocean away. I periodically work on a scrap blanket but it will be a while before it is complete. As the nights are getting colder I wish I had a nice warm wool blanket on my bed. Even though it would make so sense to start one I started looking at patterns on Ravelry. 

The new Wool People has this wonderful circular blanket. I can just imagine curling up under with a good book.

This Pathways Blanket looks like so much fun to sew together. The Ravelry page shows all the ways the squares can be sewn together to make different patterns.

I love the idea of a double knit brocade blanket. I loved the idea before I even saw this pattern. I can see it in a beautiful dark chocolate brown and cream.

One of my favorite blanket patterns is Yggdrasil Afghan by Lisa Jacobs. There are tons of picked up stitches and cables that would most likely make me want to stick my knitting needles in my eyes but its so pretty! 

Yggdrasil Afghan by Lisa Jacobs

I know I should just satisfy myself with chipping away at my sock scrap blanket but it’s always nice to dream. One thing is for sure, the next blanket I make will be superwash!