This week the weather has gotten a bit colder and I’ve started thinking about hats. When I was little knitted hats came in one variety, tight fitting with a rolled brim and a tassel on the top. Similar to the hat I made my Dad, but with tassels.


When I started getting more adventurous I with my knitting I discovered another way that hats could fit: slouchy. I currently love slouchy hats like this one.



I can wear a hat like this without my hair flattening like it does in tight hats. I’ve even branched out into berets with Ysolda Teague’s Rose Red in a wonderful angora yarn (Adriafil Carezza.) This is the perfect cold weather hat, the edge can be pulled over your ears. The fluffy angora is so soft and absurdly warm.


It’s interesting to look back and see how my style has evolved and become ever looser. I think my next hat will be a colourwork tam of some sort. I do love the traditional ones. I am on a yarn diet so I’m not looking at the wonderful patterns that are out there. I know as soon as I look I’ll want to purchase the yarn for one. What is your favorite hat pattern? Has your taste changed over the years?


Yet another yarn diet

I am on a yarn diet. I have enough yarn. I do not need more. While my stash is not as large as some, I don’t like having too much yarn sitting in my stash drawer feeling abandoned. Yes, I anthropomorphize my yarn. This is part of why I always cast on with new yarn as soon as possible. When I buy too much yarn at once I want to start all the projects and quickly get frazzled trying to get everything going. So to avoid this happening from now until the end of November I will only work with my stash. Bits of yarn have sat there all abandoned for too long. I just need to remember what I have and use it up.

I still have my WIP’s like my What does the fox say? shawl and more long-term projects. It’s been over a year since I’ve added to my sock scrap blanket. This blanket keeps my feet nice and warm during the winter and the more I work on it the more of me it can keep warm. I also have plenty of scraps I can add.


My Princess Shawl has been sitting in the freezer for way too long. I need to bite the bullet and repair the hole and get back to it. The shawl won’t get finished sitting in the freezer.

I also have yarn that can make whole new projects. There is this ball of Collinette Jitterbug. I tried to turn it into a shawl a while back but I couldn’t get the shawl to work. I think I’ve figured out what the problem was and can correct it.


I have an idea for a shawl made from lace weight scraps. There are always so many of those and I think I know how I could use them up.


The only difficulty is my desire to start a new cardigan. I know exactly how I want it to look and what type of yarn I want to use, a woolly sport or dk in a solid or semi-solid, but I don’t own this yarn. I need to wait. But what could be a better reward for holding off on yarn than getting to splurge at the end with a sweater’s worth?

WIP Friday #33 (Contains Spoilers for the Booknits Halloween MKAL)

This week has been a week of lace shawls. I’ve gotten some work done on the shawl I’m making with my yarn from the Kettle Yarn Co that I posted about on Monday. I’ve decided to name it what does the fox say. I think with the colour and the pattern on the edge it looks like little foxes all along the border. The shawl has grown to a point were I can’t easily spread it out for photographs anymore.

I’ve decided to call it what does the fox say? because I’ve watched this video too many times. The song has taken up residence in my skull.

On the Morticia front I’m halfway through the bind off. I’m trying not to post too much of a spoiler this week. The 31st of October is the big reveal on Ravelry so I should have finished photos up next Friday. I think this photo is the best I have to capture how the beads look in  real life. With the shawl in a heap the light really reflects off the beads.

The last row the the bind off have been torturous. The last row has a huge amount of beads placed after the stitch and the bind off is beaded and is part knit and part crocheted. It will be stunning when it’s done. This is a problem of mine. I love doing the beginning and middle bits of shawls but when the rows get long and complicated I just want it to be over. At least I can take comfort in being almost finished.

A walk in the park

Today I was able to a park. My husband has the week off and we took the opportunity to go on a long walk. While we were out we met this little guy.


I tease squirrels and other wildlife. I pretend to have food and see how long it takes for them to realize I don’t. Normally this goes on for thirty seconds or so before both the squirrel and I get bored and move on. This cheeky little guy, however,  was very forward. She jumped on my leg!  I let out an unladylike squawk in surprise and the squirrel could not be lured back a second time. I’ve known my share of forward squirrels but never a leg jumper. Unfortunately the camera wasn’t out when this happened. I did get to see her take food from another person’s hand. Such a cheeky squirrel!

Kettle Yarn Co.

Look what I have! It’s a skein of Kettle Yarn Co.’s Bloomsbury in a custom orange colour! The base consists of 80% 80% Superwash British Bluefaced Leicester and 20% Silk in laceweight with 800m per 100g. The silk really makes it shine. It glows even with overcast conditions today. Even though it has silk the hand is still very woolly while remaining soft. I started some lace with it and that really helped when I had to rip back and pick up stitches!  This is what it looks like knit up.

I don’t have any pictures after blocking because I’m lazy and didn’t knit a swatch. I am enjoying working with this yarn. the stitch definition is crisp and shows off the stitch pattern. I would easily use this yarn again. I wish I had the budget to get enough of her Westminister fingering (50% Camel, 50% Silk) for a cardigan. Someone please do this so I can live vicariously through you! 

I know Linda in person through our local Knit Night and through her blog, From the Purl Side. Her shop opened at the end of August on Etsy stocking a wide variety of bases from lace to aran. You can also find out more about the Kettle Yarn Co. on Ravelry with their own group.

WIP Friday #32 (Contains Spoilers for the Booknits Halloween MKAL)

This week I’ve been working on my Morticia. I just finished the third clue minutes before I took the photograph.

I love the most recent clue. I also took a close up.

It’s hard to believe there is only one clue left. I have half my beads left so I can only imagine how heavily beaded the last section will be.





The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits

I know I’m a bit late but I finally have my very own copy of the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits. I’m not the biggest fan of the Harry Potter Franchise, but neither do I dislike it. I read all the books and watched half of the films. My interest in this magazine stemmed from the patterns. These are my favorites. I love the look of Ginny’s Cardigan.

The Grey Lady’s Cloak and Ignotus Peverell’s Cloak make me realize that my wardrobe is sadly lacking in cloaks.

 Hagrid’s Sweater looks like it would be really cozy for cold winter days. I would love to make an oversized version for myself to wear.

My favorite has to be Lastrange Cloak. It’s a lace-weight cardigan worked in lace. I love it. This is the kind of insane sweater I would try to design and here it is and I don’t even have to do the design work! Some day I will make this. It’s just too beautiful a design to not make.

All of these images belong to Interweave Press. No copyright infringement is intended.