Finished Cowl

Bulky yarn knits up so fast! I started this on Thursday night.


It’s already done! I think the longest part of this project was waiting for the yarn to dry after blocking. That did take longer than I’m used to. I think it will fit perfectly under my coats. Most of my coats have a v-neck so this will be nice on a chilly day. The cowl is so soft and warm. I’m going to see if I have enough left to make the body of the hat I was admiring, Capucine


WIP Friday #29

This week I have put the button-band on my Rocio Cardigan! Now I just need to weave in the ends, sew buttons on and block! If I’m good that will get done this weekend.


I also started a Bandana Cowl last night. I haven’t worked with bulky yarn in years and I almost finished it! There are only seven rows left. This bulky yarn knits up so much faster than the lace on my cardigan.


It even looks like I’ll have a considerable amount of yarn left over. I think I’ll try to make the Capucine hat out of the rest of the ball. I would definitely need a separate yarn for the tassels but I think I might be able to finish the body of the hat with the remnants. The one thing I’m not liking about this yarn is that it sheds. I am currently covered in white hairs. I’m hoping that after a wash that will settle down.

I want to start something but I don’t know what

I have this gorgeous bulky handspun yarn in my stash.


It is a wonderfully squishy blend of corridale wool, mohair and alpaca. It is so soft it deserves to be made into something that sits next to the skin. Annoyingly I don’t have more of it because by my estimation there is only about 200m of bulky yarn. I’ve decided it needs to be a hat or a cowl and these are my current favorite patterns to use.

On the hat front I’ve liked Capucine for a while. It looks wonderfully warm and cozy.

This pattern, Through the Woods, caught my eye because of the combination of hat and cowl. I wouldn’t have enough of the handspun to complete it but I would use a contrasting yarn for the ribbing.

Now on to my pure cowl idea, Bandana Cowl. The simple stockinette stitch would allow the thick and thin to really shine.

I’ve really been enjoying this pattern hunt. I don’t normally knit with bulky yarn and I get to see patterns I haven’t seen before. I think I know what will happen with the rest of my day.

Deciding on Buttonholes

I haven’t made too many cardigans. When I do I typically follow the given instructions for any buttonholes but now I face a conundrum. I want to add buttonholes on my Rocio Cardigan. The buttons are small but not tiny and the yarn is reasonably delicate. This rules out the easiest two buttonholes I know: using a yo as a button hole and binding off a few stitches one row and then casting them on the next row. So I did the responsible thing and swatched. I’ve been relying less and less on published patterns so I need to decide what buttonholes I like. There is no time like the present to start finding out what works.

The buttonholes I’m testing are TechKnitter’s tulip buttonhole (the dark purple) and Knitting Daily’s one row buttonhole (the light purple).



Both of these buttonholes are worked over three stitches and both are a good fit for my buttons. I think the one row buttonhole is a bit neater and tighter. The tulip buttonhole uses a crochet hook and is slightly more fiddly. I think when it’s done well it looks better than the one row buttonhole. However, I would need more practice to get it right and I’m happy with how my one row buttonhole looks. So I found out what I will use: the one row buttonhole!

WIP Friday #28

I must say this week I surprised myself with finally knuckling down and getting the second sleeve picked up and started on my Rocio Cardigan.

I’m hoping that now I have the sleeve picked up I can finish it with in a week or so. I’m looking forward to starting my Morticia KAL on October 1st so I want this off the needles before then. I think the main hold up would be deciding on the buttonholes to use. The original has a clasp but I think a few buttons will look better for me. Any suggestions for good buttonholes for small buttons?


Picking up Stitches

I hate picking up stitches. I have such a difficult time making sure that I pick them up in the right ratio to be both even and the correct number of stitches. When I don’t have to worry about getting a certain stitch count I’m fine. For those of you who don’t know my pain this is a tutorial from Knit Picks on picking up stitches.

Right now I’m trying to persuade myself to stop procrastinating and pick up stitches for the second sleeve on my Rocio Cardigan. My gauge is different than the designers so her ratio for picking up stitches won’t work for me. Instead, I mark the halfway point and check to see if I have half the stitches by that point. In other words trial and error. I believe the winning ratio on the first sleeve was 2 stitches per 3 rows with an occasional extra stitch thrown in closer to the top of the sleeve. I’m going to stop typing now and get to work.

Dad’s Hat is Finished!

I had a productive weekend and look what I did!


It’s hard to take photos of a hat on your head but at least you can see the stitch pattern.

A bit blurry again but you can see the crown decreases.

I think this hat will be perfect. My instructions for this hat were to make it snug with a rolled brim that cover the ears when doubled.  The hat is both of those things and sinfully soft as well. I don’t remember seeing my dad with any hair on his head so sinfully soft is a requirement for any hat I make him. I loved the yarn I used for this project. It’s Posh Yarn‘s Martha Sock and I really enjoyed working with it.