WIP Friday #25

This week my hands have let me knit a bit more so I’ve been able to finish my first Pucker sock and get to the foot on the second. I might even finish these socks this weekend! I’m surprised that the second sock is turning out so similar to the first. That has not been my experience with Crazy Zauberball before at all.

As soon as I finish these socks I really have to pick up the sleeves in my Rocio Cardigan. It’s been sitting neglected for three weeks and I really do want to wear it. I just don’t want to pick up the stitches. If I just make myself do it then it will be on to the easy bit, stockinette stitch sleeves.


Kettle Yarn Co. -the shop is ALIVE!

I’m really excited to have a new yarn supplier!

From the Purl Side

Well, it has been a crazy couple of weeks getting everything ready to launch, but we are finally live!

You can find the official shop on Etsy:
I’d actually made the shop live last weekend, hoping to get all my current bases dyed and up before letting everyone know, but amazingly made a few sales over the week! What an enormous relief on the one hand and also a panic on the other as my cards aren’t back from the printer yet and I haven’t quite sorted out my packaging..and…and…

But SALES!! Yippeee!

It is time to let go and let my baby out into the world while I continue to add stock. The journey to my own personal yarn empire has begun! ;-P

I’ll be doing some posts on the amazing bases I have chosen as my ‘regulars’ over the next few weeks so you can get an in…

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Christmas Knitting

I know its still August and therefore still summer but I’m starting to think about Christmas. This is partly because I’m ready for the weather to turn and wear warm sweaters again and partly that I don’t feel guilty about buying yarn when it’s for a present that I’ll need to buy anyway. But the things that keep grabbing my attention are knitted Christmas balls. The Christmas tree decorations.

Deck the Balls by Kelly Jensen


Balls up by General Hogbuffer

It makes no sense. It is still summer. I haven’t had a proper Christmas tree since I moved out of my parent’s house. And they are not presents! Sometimes I make no sense. I even thought to myself if I knit one each year for myself and my family it could be very sweet. But I am the person who cares the most about being Christmas-y in my family and see the earlier statement about how long it’s been since I’ve had a Christmas tree. What strange things have you found yourself wanting to knit recently? Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!


Long Weekend

This weekend was a long weekend for me. The first two days were spent sleeping in and being lazy but today my husband and I went to the British Museum. We had a great time. It’s far from my first time in the museum but I still was able to visit a new section, the ancient Egyptian area. There were rooms full of mummies and their sarcophagi. If you ever visit London this museum is one of the things you should not miss. While I was there my husband was finally able to take a photo of my silk top.

WIP Friday #24

The knitting time I’ve had this week has been spent on my Pucker Socks.

I am now past the heel and on the foot. I chose to work the heel in the Crazy Zauberball because of it’s greater durability compared to the Malabrigo Sock. Even though this will make the sock last longer, I’m not thrilled with the abrupt colour change after the heel from red to blue. This part of the sock will be hidden by my shoes when I wear them so I’m not going to change it. Now that I’m on a proper needles size I’m enjoying working on these. Using a colour changing yarn always makes projects more interesting. I’m even thinking of a second pair but perhaps I should start and finish the second sock before I start a pair in a different colourway.

Mystery Knit Alongs

Well I’m doing another MKAL. For those who are unfamiliar with MKAL’s you purchase a pattern and it is released in segments or clues. The details of the finished object is a surprise and there is always chatter after each clue is released. Back in early 2010 I made an Evenstar shawl with the mystery knit along. Since then I’ve been tempted to do another but things never worked out right. Either I was busy with other projects or I didn’t have the right yarn and couldn’t get more. But this time I have committed to Boo Knit’s Halloween MKAL, Morticia. I’ve never made one of her shawls before but I have admired them.



Now I just need to choose the yarn. It’s been a while since I was in the market for a beautiful skein of lace yarn. The more I look for yarns the farther I am from making a decision! All of this planning does give my hands a bit of a rest which they need so I’m enjoying the selection process.

I shouldn’t be knitting

Last night my hands through a fit. Every time I tried to knit a stitch I had sharp shooting in my wrist. The project I was working on wasn’t going well so as I went my tension kept getting tighter and tighter as I got more frustrated. Eventually my wrists said enough was enough. I’ve had this happen before and it will probably happen again. I guess I won’t be doing much knitting for a while. I tried knitting today and I could knit for a bit before an uncomfortable warmth built up in my wrist as a forerunner of the pain. I think the best thing I can do is knit loosely and stop when my hands tell me to. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal in a few days. In the mean time I think I’m just going to go plan future projects and take it easy on my current projects.