My Second Week Away

This week has been the week of doing exciting things and acquiring yarn.

Last Saturday I went to Sauder Village when they were having a fiber expo and I got to try out a spinning wheel for the first time. I am purchasing a spinning wheel at the first opportunity! It was so much easier than using a drop spindle. The people who let me try their wheel were Spruce Hill Fiber Farm. The spinning wheel that I got along well with was their Echo spinning wheel. If shipping weren’t so much to take it back to the UK I’d have been extremely tempted to get it right there. When I went around  I forgot a camera so there are no pictures, but it was so much fun. Later I wondered around to some of the other venders and I found 7oz (200g) of handspun Cormo/Mohair/Alpaca yarn.


It’s wonderfully squishy and soft. I have to figure out what it will be but I’m sure it will be beautiful.

Then two days ago I went to the local yarn store here, Yarn Cravin’. They stock so many wonderful yarns that I don’t get to see that often in London. I had a very hard time choosing the yarn to take home with me. They stock a large selection of Brown Sheep Yarns that I hadn’t seen in person. After much debate I decided to make sure everything would fit in my luggage and went with a laceweight yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Silky Alpaca Lace.


I purchased enough of this yarn that I can either make a top of some variety or a large shawl.

Yesterday I went fishing and had a wonderful time. My parents took and my husband and I troll fishing on Lake Erie with Captain Dave. I never realized how physical of a sport fishing could be. Between waking up before dawn, the direct sunshine, and the hard work of reeling in the walleye, or other undesired fish, I was exhausted at the end of the day.  Today my arms are complaining but I hope I will be able to enjoy eating some fish!

With everything going on my knitting progress has slowed to a standstill. I have barely touched it in the past week. I think my Inflight Entertainment will provide entertainment for both my inbound and outbound flights. I guess I didn’t need to pack extra projects to work on after all. 😛


My first week away

Before I say anything else I need to thank iknead2knit, monsteryarns, and From the Purl Side for nominating me for the WordPress Family award and knitxpressions for nominating me for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award! I promise I will respond more fully when I’m back in London!

I’m enjoying my visit with family. The sun in shines so much more here and I’ve already gotten a sun burn. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my parents and my brothers. I still haven’t seen one of my brothers he’s flying in from the south today so I get so see him in a few hours. My brother and I haven’t been in the same place at the same time in three years!

I’ve been doing some knitting but not as much as I planned on doing as usual. This is the progress I’ve made.

I’m getting a bit nervous about running out of the variegated yarn but it’s stripes are getting smaller and smaller so I’m probably just paranoid. I should just knit a bit faster to see if that makes the yarn last longer :p

WIP Friday #17

I’m writing this on Thursday and hopefully properly scheduling it to appear on Friday. By the time this posts I will be either at the airport on or a plane. While I’m gone I’m hoping to post at least once a week.

Remember these fingerless gloves? Well I’ve finally gotten around to finishing them!


I really didn’t enjoy working the ends in but I did it. The worst part of anything with fingers is the minimum of 10 ends to weave in. I took them to knit night

The silk top was redesigned from what I showed last week. I decided that the lace pattern would look more dramatic as a smallish feature instead of a block.


I’m not sure about the sleeves.  I might end up ripping back to change them. I probably should stop working on the body and finish the sleeves to minimize the amount of ripping. I decided last night to check a bag so I will probably take this project with me so I don’t loose all momentum.

Travel Knitting

Every time I travel I spend as much time deciding what knitting to take as I do the rest of what I pack. I fret over the possibility of airport security confiscating my needles. (I’ve flown in North America, Europe, and to and from Australia with no problems but I still worry.) I know that in flight I am slightly brain dead. I’m too tired to focus but not tired enough to sleep in the uncomfortable seat. Then when I get to my destination I’ll be busy sightseeing or visiting family. This adds up to me screwing up any complicated knitting I travel with. Stockinette in the round is my friend. I’ve seen people recommend socks as travel projects and I’ve done them but I like patterns on my socks. I once took a pair of Interlocking Leaves on a plane. Those were frogged on landing.

This time I’ve decided to make a top. I talked about it last Friday for a bit. I am making an Elfe. It’s a top down tee with stripes. For my size, I’ll only use two 100g balls of sock yarn, easy enough to find room.  Hopefully I’ll be alert enough to not screw up the striping. I assume that finishing this project will take up the majority of the trip but if it doesn’t that’s when I’ll rely on my back up plan: a trip to a yarn store for more yarn and another pair of needles. After all I can’t get on the plane back without a knitting project now can I?

I have moths

Today I was cleaning up my bedroom and putting away a beautiful woven shawl. As it put it next to the rest of my hand knitted shawls I saw two moths fly out of it. After I had rapidly executed the evil destroyers of wool, I looked closely at the shawl.

This is only one of the holes. There are more.

This is only one of the holes. There are more.

After this horrifying realization, I put my stash yarn in the freezer and examined my handknits. I think the evil destroyers of wool only made it into two areas. My immediate response will be to wash the garments I can see eggs on and freeze the rest.  After the first batch has been frozen then it gets washed and vice-versa. I’m concerned what will happen to my sweaters. They were stored in the same room as the infested areas but they were in a different dresser on the other side of the room. I leave the country on Friday and I don’t have the time to wash everything or room in the freezer to freeze everything. I figure I can either get moth killing strips to put in with them and hope or I can pay to have them dry cleaned.

One thing is for sure, I am purchasing moth killing strips and putting them everywhere. War has been declared and I am not afraid of using chemical means to kill the moths.

WIP Friday #16

I have two new projects that I’ve started this week. It really feels nice to start something new. I’ve already talked about my silk top but this is what it looks like so far:

The lace pattern doesn't look like much here.

It might just look like an oval but it should turn into a top.

Here the lace is a bit more stretched out so you can see it.

Here the lace is a bit more stretched out so you can see it.

I’m making the pattern up as I go using the seamless, top-down contiguous sleeve method developed by Susie Meyers, (SusieM on Ravelry). It’s the first time I’ve ever made anything using this method so I hope I’m not screwing it up.

The other project I’ve started is my flight knitting. I decided that my Birthday Yarn could be paired with a more neutral colour to make an Elfe. I was disappointed that the Ella Rae Lace Merino ended up having two joins, but this pattern will force me to break the yarn so it isn’t so bad. It’s mainly stockinette stitch in the round. Good for when I go brain dead in-flight. Now all I have to do is not work on it too much before the flight!



In which I complain

A week from Friday I fly to Ohio to spend three weeks with my family. While I am looking forward to being with them, right now I’m barreling head first into travel preparations. Right now this means giving the flat a through cleaning. I loathe cleaning. Normally the flat is a mess. If I want to leave the flat clean I have some work on my hands. So I procrastinate. I do things like write blog posts about how much I don’t want to clean. I also watch funny cat videos like this one:

I really should go clean something.