WIP Friday #15

This week has been a week of finishing projects. I’ve polished off the tights and the baby sweater. Now I’m working on redoing a project I talked about ripping back to fix weeks ago. Wow, I just looked at when I posted that and it was almost a month ago. Definitely time to resume work.

The cableing is the redone bit. Now to do the rest . . .

The cabling is the redone bit. Now to do the rest . . .

After this is over, I’ll knit the second mitt to this pair that has been sitting for even longer. Then finally I’ll let myself start a brand new project. I have three that I want to start right this minute but I will complete my WIP’s.


Cute baby sweater


I haven’t knit much for babies or children since I don’t have any of my own but I made a baby sweater for a friend. The pattern is Sprinkle from Juju’s Loops in Quince and Co Finch. I was amazed at how fast a little person sweater knits up. Normally after I’ve finished a long project like my tights I want to start something fast. This quick project slotted in perfectly.

The Tights Are Finished!


Finally! I don’t have to work on the tights anymore! Of course the weather has now improved immensely and is reasonably warm. I braved the heat long enough to get some modeled photographs. I did realize after wearing them for 10 min that they tend to sag a bit and I could have made them a bit shorter. If I ever attempt tights again I’ll bear that in mind. I ended up using a bit over 200g of the black and white and 180g of the riverbed colourway with a third colour scraps used for the toes and heels. For the waistband I used 5cm wide black elastic.


And one more photo

I also had a wonderful birthday which included this wonderful new yarn from my mother. It’s Ella Rae Lace Merino in the colour was denim teal. I’m thinking of pairing it with a lighter neutral grey or brown for stripes or mosaic stitch so the variegation can really pop.


It’s my birthday! I’m off doing birthday things so I’m not writing a proper post today. I’ll be going to see Star Trek and eating cake. Normal posts resume on Monday.

100% silk yarn



I was on a yarn diet. But then I looked at the sale yarn: Louisa Harding Mulberry (100% silk, dk weight) for 50% off. I caved. I can never resist a good sale, especially when it’s on a yarn that I’ve been coveting for a while. So now I get to make the top that I was dreaming about. I will still maintain that I saved quite a bit of money on this yarn, even if it did break my yarn diet.

V and A

Yesterday was awesome! I got to go with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Anyone who visits London should go and see all the fascinating things they have. On a non-knitting note I got to try on two styles of gauntlet. The construction means that you maintain an astonishing range of motion for a person with your hand encased in metal. It helps explain how people actually fought in suits of armor.

Some of the knit wear highlights were seeing these socks that date back to the 4th or 5th century and this beautiful jacket from the 16th century. The socks aren’t actually knit but were made using a technique called nålbindning. I know the socks are famous but it was wonderful to see them in person. I was blown away by the jacket. It’s made from silk thread and the stitches are so incredibly fine. I almost want to go back and try to get a better picture so I can attempt to chart out the flower pattern. There were tons of other beautiful and amazing artifacts that I didn’t have time to see.  I really hope I can get back again soon.

WIP Friday

This week has been dedicated to the never ending striped tights. On Sunday I decided that the fit wasn’t quite right so I ripped back and it took until yesterday to get back to where I was. I would post a picture but it would look essentially identical to the photo I posted last week. When these are finished I won’t know what to do with myself.