Ripping Back and Redoing

Ever have a project that you swore was finished and you were never working on it again. Then a while later you find an error that keeps nagging you? Today I’m ripping back and redoing. It will be worth it.


WIP Friday

This has been a week of finishing. I finished my smaller Monotrysia Shawl and the first of my fingerless gloves! Well the ends on the fingerless glove still needs to be worked in but that’s all.

Monotrysia Shawl


Here it is blocking. I think this picture shows the sheen of the silk well. I love how the nupps look in the silk. They really catch the light and stand out.

I had to get another 50g of yarn when I only had 12 rows left. I thought I made it small enough to make with less than 600m but it wasn’t quite small enough.

Fingerless Glovesfingerlessgloves3

Here you can see the first one done! Now I just have to start the second one. I still need to work in the ends but I’ll do that when I have the other one done. To help with that, I cast on and have knit a couple of rounds.

Striped Tights


I haven’t worked on this project in weeks and it’s good to make progress again. I’ll knit my thick woolen tights just in time for the weather to warm up. I could have timed that a bit better.


Back when I was a little girl my mother taught me how to knit telling me that when I had that figured out she’d move on to crochet. I’m still waiting for that crochet lesson. Since I’ve moved to a different continent I doubt it’ll ever happen. I have managed to learn how to do some of the basics. But it is painful.

I have spent so much time knitting that they only way that makes sense to hold the hook is like a needle and then I throw the yarn like I’m knitting. I know that this is not the most effective way to crochet. Any other hold/tensioning method results in confusion, instead of four letter words. Someday I’ll take the time to properly learn and be able to make some beautiful crochet projects.monotrysiasmall4

My current problem is that I put a crochet border on my Monotrysia Shawl and now I’m working on the crochet border again for the small version. I like the border because its airy and allows the shawl to be blocked and not have sharp points. I keep repeating the reasons why I like the border to myself as I struggle with it.


A Good Weekend

I enjoyed this weekend. I spent much more time outside soaking up the sun and walking than I have in a while. Since the temperature hadn’t caught up with the sun I wore my Sunshine Shawl, a modified Henslowe.


I added stripes to the garter stitch section and made the lace edging longer. I used some left over Wollemise Lace-Garn in olio vergine and Berreco Ultra Alpaca Fine in white.

I finished this project a while ago but this is the first time I’ve gotten a modeled photo. Modeled photos always take me a while. They involve getting my husband to take the photo. On a typical weekend going on a walk and taking photos is too much like work for him. Fortunately the lovely weather this weekend trumped his desire to stay in.

WIP Friday

This week I’ve been working on my silk Monotrysia shawl and my fingerless gloves. Even though I said that the next sunny day I would patch the hole in my Princess Shawl, I haven’t worked up the nerve. Maybe next week.

Monotrysia Shawl


I’m about to start the edging! The last section dragged on for ages but with the edging patterning progress should pick up. Or at least seem to. I’m worried about having enough yarn. At this point in a project I’m always worried about having enough yarn. Worst case scenario I go get more silk. I can imagine worse fates.

Fingerless Gloves


I had difficulties with getting a non-blurry photo. Either my camera hand or my modeling hand was moving. I’m really enjoying working with this yarn. It softens when knit and has the beautiful luster of blue faced leicester. I can’t wait to finish these, they will get a lot of wear.

Summer Top

The weather has been nice here for the past three days and now I want to make a silk top. I blame it on the sunshine and the fact that I’m already working on a silk project. I had forgotten how the silk can take such intense colours and then add so much depth when knit. Since I’m not buying yarn for a while I can’t start it but I can take you through my thought process when it comes to starting a new project.

For this I’m starting with the yarn, I want to work with silk or possibly a silk/linen/cotton/bamboo type blend. I really like the silk yarn I’m using for my smaller Monotrysia, but maybe in a different colour like this blue.

silk for topIn its favour, this yarn can be purchased locally and I like how its knit up. Unfortunately the yarn is a heavy laceweight. Silk is hard on my hands and making a top is a great deal of knitting. I could get around this by holding it double for a thicker fabric with less knitting. For a summer top I wouldn’t want to go thicker than a fingering or sport weight for comfort.

Now on to the pattern, I rarely follow patterns exactly but they do make excellent inspiration. These are two patterns that are popular on Ravelry and I like.


Haussmann has wonderful sleeve details. After finishing my last wrap cardigan I’m tempted to make another. But how suitable is this top? You have to wear a layer under it. In the summer I don’t wear layers; layering is for winter.

lavinaI like the delicacy of the lace on Lavina. Once again you would need to have an under layer for modesty and the sleeve treatments leave much to be desired. However, a bit of silk lace would be perfect for summer.

I think what I would do for my silk summer top would be to knit top down and start with a lace pattern like in Lavina.  About halfway down the armpit I would switch to plain stockinette stitch for modesty. The body would have the silk held double. The sleeves, however would echo those in Hausmann and fall open. To keep them from overwhelming the body, the silk would be a single strand making the fabric more open and the sleeves would be shorter than those in Hausmann.

Now that I’ve detailed what I want to start, what projects do you want to work on but can’t?

The Knitting Swede

I’m really excited to have some new yarn. It’s The Knitting Swede’s BFL Sock in A Good Day to Dye.


My friend over at has started dying yarn and I was able to get one of her first colourways! She has two bases, Totally BFL and BFL Sock. The Totally BFL is composed of 100% superwash bluefaced leicester while the BFL Sock is composed of 75% superwash bluefaced leicester and 25% nylon.  Both are fingering or 4 ply yarns. With 425m per 100g, you expect the yarn to be a bit on the thinner side of fingeringweight. I found it comparable to Regia 4 ply in thickness so it’s not overly thin.

The purple blue yarn is the BFL Sock and the white yarn is Regia

The top yarn is the BFL Sock and the bottom yarn is Regia

I started a pair of fingerless gloves in this yarn. I’m working on it when the silk shawl gets too much for my hands. I’ve found it a relaxing yarn to work with. It feels durable without being harsh. The fingerless gloves should wear well. I really like the way it looks knit up into an almost semi-solid.


I’m really liking this yarn and I can’t wait to see what colourways The Knitting Swede comes up with next!