WIP Friday

This week I’ve finished two projects, the test knit and my Cloudette Cardigan. Between the two of them being done I feel like I have much more room to play with my knitting. I have started a new project but I’m still chipping away at one of my older WIP’s as well.

Husband’s Scarf


I mentioned a while ago that I was planning a scarf for my husband. There was a false start when he second guessed the pattern. By the time I chose an alternate pattern he had grown attached to the original pattern. I’m using a new to me yarn for this project, Rowan pure wool 4 ply. I have it in a nice olive green and I’m enjoying working with this yarn. It’s nothing fancy just a good basic wool with plenty of squishyness when knit up.

Knee High Striped Socks/Striped Tights


I’ve also worked on my knee high striped socks. They’ve become my knee high striped tights. I purchased more yarn and I’m hoping to make them into proper tights that will keep me warm through the next winter. The pattern I’m using to make them into tights is Phenix Bee’s #105 Super Easy Leggings. Right now I’m up to about the knee. I’ll keep on making up the pattern until I get to the crotch and then I’ll look to the pattern for guidance.


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