WIP Friday

This week I’ve finished two projects, the test knit and my Cloudette Cardigan. Between the two of them being done I feel like I have much more room to play with my knitting. I have started a new project but I’m still chipping away at one of my older WIP’s as well.

Husband’s Scarf


I mentioned a while ago that I was planning a scarf for my husband. There was a false start when he second guessed the pattern. By the time I chose an alternate pattern he had grown attached to the original pattern. I’m using a new to me yarn for this project, Rowan pure wool 4 ply. I have it in a nice olive green and I’m enjoying working with this yarn. It’s nothing fancy just a good basic wool with plenty of squishyness when knit up.

Knee High Striped Socks/Striped Tights


I’ve also worked on my knee high striped socks. They’ve become my knee high striped tights. I purchased more yarn and I’m hoping to make them into proper tights that will keep me warm through the next winter. The pattern I’m using to make them into tights is Phenix Bee’s #105 Super Easy Leggings. Right now I’m up to about the knee. I’ll keep on making up the pattern until I get to the crotch and then I’ll look to the pattern for guidance.


Cloudette Cardigan Finished


I’m finally blocking my Cloudette Cardigan! I couldn’t get the colours right in this photo. It’s more of a wine colour than an dark purple.  Edit: New photo that shows the cardigan much better!

It’s made out of Isager Alpaca 1  in the colourway 36. It is a wonderful lace weight alpaca that I loved working with. The white edging is some leftover scraps of Knit Picks’s Alpaca Cloud in Oyster.

I can’t wait to wear this. With winter holding on for dear life I think a springy looking top in deceptively warm alpaca will come in handy.

Adventures in Hat Blocking

Now the bumps are smoothed out and you can see the lace pattern. The ribbing is also not stretched out.

The first weekend in March I made a hat. Normally I don’t bother with blocking hats because I wear them in the rain and then they kinda block themselves. Since I wear them a bit slouchy and most of them are in yarns that have little memory like alpaca or angora it works. But this hat and I have not gotten along. The decreases stood out and make me look like I’m wearing a tired slouchy crown. The pretty lace along the brim appeared sunken. So the hat must be blocked.

I didn’t want a beret so blocking over a plate was out. This left me with a conundrum  What do you use to block a slouchy hat? I thought about the general shape I want, basically longer than my head but not wider than my head at the brim so it’ll stay on. It came to me: a balloon. Here is the pictorial evidence of my experiment.

I forgot to take a before picture of the hat until I was already soaked so here is a picture of the wet hat with the balloon. The balloon I used inflates to 9 inches or 22.8 cm according to the packaging. (No one in my household is 3. I picked the balloon at random when I was faced with a wall of balloons at the store.)

The balloon was the first one I found at the shop. My hat has been soaked.

My hat has been soaked. On the right edge you can see how the decreases stick out. The lace is also barely visible here.

Then I put the hat on the balloon.

Now the bumps are smoothed out and you can see the lace pattern. The ribbing is also not stretched out.

Now the bumps are smoothed out and you can see the lace pattern. The ribbing is not stretched.

And from the top.

It's a starfish!

It’s a starfish!

Now I let it dry and this is the finished result. The sun went down between the before pictures and the after picture, which is why its darker.

The hat still has a three dimensional shape but doesn't have any points. The ribbing is stretched out because I wore it before the pictures.

The hat still has a three dimensional shape but doesn’t have any points. The ribbing is stretched out because I wore it before the pictures.

And now some shots of me wearing the hat.

hatfrontmoded hatsidemodel hatbackmodelWith the way winter seems to be dragging on this year I’ll probably get some use out of it this spring. I think this project turned out well.



WIP Friday

This week I have been working on my test knit. I have been faithful to that project. I’m hoping to get it done sometime this weekend. I know those are famous last words. I can still hope.

I’ve also blocked my Monotrysia hat. I’ll post about that on Monday after it gets a chance to dry.

Finished Large Shawl

I realized that I haven’t posted any pictures of my Monotrysia shawl yet. I was going to wait until I could get some nice modeled shots but I’m impatient. This shot is of it blocking.


It’s huge, the wingspan is over two metres and the depth is about a metre and used 1000m of fingering weight yarn. I wasn’t able to get everything in the shot its so huge! I’m thinking of making a smaller version. Let me know in the comments what size shawl you think is the most useful.

Knitting Fatigue

Most of the time I’m happy to bounce between projects. I work on one until I lose interest or hit a spot I don’t like. However, there are times when I fixate on one project to the exclusion of all others. I decide that I must knit to a certain point on a project every day. This could be in inches of knit fabric produced or in balls of yarn used. I knit to the exclusion of other things I enjoy. Within a week or so knitting fatigue sets in.

I lose interest in my knitting. I even start doing chores I hate like vacuuming or scrubbing the toilet more frequently. While my home is cleaner, I feel guilty for ignoring my project. I don’t want to work on another project because I’m still fixated on the one I must finish. Typically I don’t get out of this rut until I finish the project finally.

Knitting fatigue set in this past weekend. I decided that I would try to cope with it differently this time. So I cut back on my knitting and I did fun things. I saw a movie and went on a long walk. Today I don’t quite enjoy knitting as much as I normally do but I’m focusing on telling myself that its alright if i don’t meet my internal deadline. I’m still making progress. When it stops raining I think I’ll go for a walk.

WIP Friday

This week I’ve mainly been working on a test knit. I’ll post more about that when the pattern is released. On Monday I was able to do some work on my Cloudette Cardigan. All that’s left is to pick up stitches around the neck and work edging. Of course then I still have to work in the ends and block it, but that shouldn’t be too hard. I can’t wait to wear it.