Online Knitting Classes

I’ve never taken a knitting class. I only have so much money to spend on knitting and I typically want something physical in exchange for my money. I just signed up for an online class on how to size knitting patterns.

For a while I’ve made up sweaters to knit and people have told me that I should write up the pattern. The main problem with this has been trying to figure out how to size the patterns. I know my body and I know how to make clothes that flatter it. Hopefully this class will bring me a step closer to being able to write and publish my own sweater patterns.

If anyone is interested in signing up for their own class here is a link to Craftsy.


WIP Friday

This week I’ve mainly been working on the brown shawl. I’m finally on the edging now which is exciting. The part where I ripped back four 400 stitch rows because of a counting error and then realized I had to reknit it was not fun. But I’m moving forward now.

My secondary project has still been the striped knee-high socks. I’ve gotten the first one to beyond where it was before and the second sock has been ripped back. Now I just need to keep going so I can wear these before the weather warms up too much.

New Yarn

New Yarn

Yarn for a new sweater! The green is Collinette Jitterbug in Velvet Olive and the purple is The Uncommon Thread Tough Sock in Aged Merlot. I absolutely love these colours together. In person the purple looks more black that purple in some lights. I gave in and balled the Jitterbug already but I’m not going to start this project until I’ve finished two of my WIP’s. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

My Least Favorite Parts of Knitting

I love to start a new project. As soon as I get a new ball of yarn it needs a project. Doesn’t matter how many other projects I have on the needles I want to play!. How will the yarn work up? Will the colour suit the project? The corollary to that is that I’m not so big on finishing projects. I get to a boring part, have to pick up stitches, or simply get distracted. These are only the problems that I have to deal with when I’m still doing the part of knitting that I like: knitting. Afterwords comes the parts that can put a project into hibernation.

Working in ends annoys me. While it’s not particularly difficult, it is fiddly and takes a long time. I must say my rate of  finishing projects improved greatly when I learned about the spit join and other techniques for not having to work in ends.

Blocking magically transforms lumps of stitches into a beautiful finished object. It is also tedious. Putting that many pins into something is rough on your hands. This might be due to  my lack of blocking wires. When I get blocking wires I’m hoping I’ll reassess.

Most of all, I hate seaming. It never looks good especially when I’m setting in sleeves. A sweater can be absolutely beautiful but get the sleeves looking wonky and the entire thing looks like rubbish. I can work around this but I have at least one sweater that has been waiting for seaming for a very long time.

All of my dislikes have workarounds but sometimes I forget and end up with a project that languishes.

WIP Friday

WIP Friday will be a weekly feature where I chronicle the progress I have made on my projects. What do I consider a WIP? A project that is somewhere between being cast on and blocking. I’m using this as a way to keep me from finding shiny new yarns and casting on for something new without ever finishing my old projects.



I am almost finished with the first ball of Malabrigo Sock. The rows are getting longer and longer. This project has been my main focus this week and will probably be next week as well.

Striped Knee-High Socks


I am still getting back to where I was before I ripped back the first sock (on the right). Another few stripes and I should be there and then I can rip back the second sock. There is nothing so depressing as ripping back a mostly finished project. Not pictured is the tangle of yarn I also need to deal with.

The Saga of the Striped Knee-high Socks

Back in December I started a pair of knee-high socks out of Crazy Zauberball with stripes to break up the colour transitions. They are beautiful, the colourways are River Bed and Domino. But they have also turned into a lesson on how not to make striped knee-high socks. Let me list the ways this project has not gone to plan.

1. I decided that since I want the socks to be as tall as possible I would knit both socks at the same time. One sock would be knit from the inside of both balls and the other from the outside. This has resulted in massive tangles.

2. I decided to use Addi Turbo’s on one sock and ChiaoGoo’s on the other. Apparently my gauge is different between the two resulting in one sock being slightly tighter than the other. This wasn’t a major issue but still disappointing.

3. I decided to ignore reality. I had both socks mostly finished when I was distracted by a new shiny project so they were set aside for a little while. Last week I went back to them and tried them on. While working on them before I had tried them on frequently so I was expecting a happy moment. I would fall back in love and finish them off. Either my calf grew or I was deluded about how they were fitting before.

Between the gauge and the not fitting my calf, I ripped back to the beginning on the calf shaping on the first sock. This has triggered massive tangling. I’m about half way to where I was on the first sock but the lure of newer less troublesome project is difficult to ignore. I know I will wear them once they are finished. Now all I have to do is finish them.