WIP Friday #46

This week I still cannot get my days straight. I woke up this morning convinced it was Saturday wondering why in the world others were getting ready for work. At least it is Saturday tomorrow.

Knittingwise, I’m still on a end weaving in strike. I’m procrastinating weaving in the ends on my Follow Your Arrow. I have however started some colourwork using some of the Celtic designs from the Dover book. I’m making them with Shilasdair Luxury 4 ply. This yarn is truly luxurious. It’s 10% cashmere, 10% camel, 40% angora, and 40% merino. The yarn is soft and fluffy. Perfect for mittens to keep the cold out.

On my background sock project, the first is complete. I managed to cast on the second sock so that one is in progress.





I spent all yesterday convinced it was Thursday. It was not. But since I missed my post yesterday here is a video I found of David Attenborough narrating curling. Now if more sporting events were narrated like this I might watch the olympics.

Yet another stitch dictionary

I seem to be spending a great deal of time looking at stitch dictionaries and finding new stitch patterns recently. I made a surprising discovery this weekend. I’ve always loved Dover publications for their beautiful colouring books but I found out they have books of charted designs. I was even able to get a kindle version of the Celtic charted designs! Instant gratification is the best. I love the way those designs loop in and out. I see some colourwork in my immediate future.


WIP Friday #46

Happy Valentine’s Day! No matter what you think of the holiday I hope you have chocolate or plans to acquire chocolate later today.

I am now at the point where I have tons of ends to weave in. I’ve finished my Follow Your Arrow shawl. I just have to weave the last of the ends in and block. I know I should just grit my teeth and weave the last 5 ends in but I think I am going to let myself procrastinate for a bit. Recently I’ve been very good about weaving in ends immediately after finishing a project so I can afford to give myself a bit of slack. I am planning on getting some nice pictures after blocking. I’m not showing it now so it’ll be a big reveal when it’s all done.

I also powered through the cowl I was thinking of making on Wednesday. I still need to weave the ends in on this too. I decided I liked how the seaweed stitch looked so I ran with it. Sixty-six stitches on 5.5mm needles goes fast.

camel cowl


Even though the ends aren’t woven in I’ve worn this cowl around the house. I’m not sure that cowl is the proper name for this; it’s more of a soft, light, neck furnace. It weighs next to nothing but I swear it generates heat on its own. Perfect for a day like today when the rain is pounding and the wind is blowing.

What to start next

I’ve finished the knitting on my Follow Your Arrow Shawl so I am now in the enviable position of deciding what project to start next. I love starting something new and I have been barely resisting the handspun camel I purchased. However, I’m having a hard time finding a good fit for the yarn. I know I want to make a small cowl so I can wear it against my face. My first instinct was lace. I liked the look of this cowl for a while.

Anna Cowl by Barb Fritz

I started knitting it but the yarn is too thick and thin to show the lace, leaving me back at square one. Now I’m pouring through stitch dictionaries for something that can add interest to a cowl but still show up. Right now, my current favorite is the seaweed stitch pattern. With only 100m of yarn and a small project, I’m not swatching. By the time I’ve worked a repeat of the pattern I will know if it works or not. I don’t normally work with handspun so I’m at a bit of a loss with how to show it off to it’s best advantage. If this stitch pattern doesn’t work the cowl will be stockinette stitch. I know that will work.

I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and I missed my normal post on Friday. I’m getting back up to speed but for today here’s my progress on my Follow Your Arrow MKAL. I decided to go with Clue 4 A. I think I just might have enough of the yellow yarn to finish off all the shawl. I’m hoping I’ll have enough of the gray to make something else. I’m thinking of making another one with different clues and a long colour change yarn like Zauberball. But I really should finish the shawl I’m working on now shouldn’t I?

On-line Stitch Dictionary

I love stitch dictionaries. Before last year I either had to rely on stitch patterns from projects I’d already made or come up with my own. Then I discovered something wonderful, a free online stitch dictionary. While I now have my own beloved copy of one of Barbara Walker’s stitch dictionary, I like being able to reference a different one. I am also horribly lazy. If my big heavy book is hiding in the other room I’d rather look up stitches online instead of hunting for a book. What online references have you found helpful recently?

Handspun Camel


Yesterday I went to Spitalfields Market and wandered around for a while. There were many interesting things to spend one’s money on but look what I discovered! To my surprise I found a booth selling yarn. What really caught my eye was this handspun camel. There was also a handspun cashmere in a beautiful black/white marl. I thought the camel would be a luxurious without breaking my budget too much. I’ve had the pleasure of working with pure cashmere but never with camel. Now I just have to decide what this little beauty will become.

Knitting Bags

I don’t normally use specific knitting bags. I don’t carry a large handbag or many pens so I feel comfortable with throwing my projects in my bag when I go out. When I can’t fit my project in my handbag I put it in a cancas carrier bag from my yarn store. But I saw these on Not on the High Street today and I love them.

This seller has a few of them and all are that are hilarious.


I am beginning to rethink my decision to go without project bags. I would get great enjoyment out a few of these.